Conflict Resolution

Six Things You Can Do to Manage Conflict Better

If you are looking for a way to manage conflict better, an enable meaningful discussions, rather than escalating to an […]

Collaborative approach effective in high-stakes divorces: Silbert

Regardless of your financial status and the complexity of your issues, taking a collaborative approach to your family law matter […]

Divorce and Separation Workshops in Niagara

Pathstone Mental Health in Niagara offers a series of workshops for parents going through separation or divorce, designed to promote […]

Financial Disclosure Key Aspect of Separation

Seeking and providing full financial disclosure is an important factor in the separation process. It helps the parties involved make […]

Steps to Justice website a great resource for family law clients: Silbert

Steps to Justice offers simple legal information to help people navigating Ontario’s legal system. It contains helpful information on navigating […]

Gillian’s Place offers support to Niagara residents experiencing intimate partner violence

Gillian’s Place provides a range of confidential services for those experiencing domestic abuse. Their services include outreach counselling, legal advice, […]

Scorched-earth approach to family litigation backfires

Tensions and emotions can run high when going through a separation. However, applying a reasonable and measured approach while navigating […]

What is a Retainer?

For a lot of people, going through a separation is the first time they engage with a lawyer and legal […]

Separation agreement paves path to well-structured divorce

Having a legally binding Separation Agreement in place can help make filing for a divorce a smooth and relatively simple […]

What is Child Support?

Child support is viewed as the right of the child. As such, parents generally cannot “opt-out” of paying support. Read […]

Top Resources if You Are Facing an Immediate Crisis

If you are feeling unsafe and are in need of a place to turn to for support, these community resources […]

What is Litigation?

Litigation should be a last resort for separating couples or those facing parenting time or support issues. However, in some […]

Do-it-Yourself Separation

A lot of people are interested in drafting their own separation agreement. While it is certainly possible to negotiate the […]

Family Mediation Basics

There is often confusion around the difference between pursuing mediation and accessing legal services when it comes to negotiating the […]

Judge reinforces importance of confidentiality in mediation

Ruling further reinforces the importance of settlement privilege and confidentiality in the context of mediation. Understanding that conversations held during […]