Key Features of My Practice

hold space for the complexity of thoughts, feelings, goals, and concerns of folks undergoing significant life changes.

I embrace the use of technology as a tool for maintaining flexibility and increasing efficiency.

empower clients to determine their own futures outside of the court system in a way that is driven by integrity and respect.

I bring together legal expertise, creative problem-solving, and somatic awareness to aid in the transformation of conflict.

I support clients in navigating the vital decision-making required when significant relationships change or end.

Important Information

My practice is 100% remote. I meet with clients exclusively by video conference.

My work is focused on negotiating settlements, and I do not represent clients in court. I refer matters requiring litigation to colleagues.

Empower yourself

A collection of resources to help on your path to a solution best for you.

Parenting Plans

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Child & Spousal Support

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Division of Property

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Domestic Contracts

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Conflict Resolution

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Safety Planning

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