Family Mediation Basics

There is often confusion around the difference between pursuing mediation and accessing legal services when it comes to negotiating the terms of your separation agreement, parenting plans, support and child support. Here is a breakdown of the basics of family mediation.

Ontario’s Ministry of the Attorney General has created a helpful list of questions and answers about family mediation for individuals looking to understand its basic features. The questions addressed include:

  • What is family mediation?
  • What are the benefits of family mediation?
  • Is family mediation appropriate for us?
  • What types of issues can we mediate?
  • How long does family mediation take?
  • What is the family mediator’s role?
  • Do we still need lawyers?
  • How do we choose a family mediator?
  • How can we find a family mediator?

Curious about their answers? Click here to check them out, and use the information to make an informed decision about process options when faced with a family conflict.

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