Split: A Film for Kids of Divorce (and their Parents)

“It’s not like what you think, really. We’re still a family, but we don’t live in the same house anymore. That’s all.”

These are the wise words of a child of divorce. Featured in award-winning filmmaker Ellen Bruno’s new film Split, this child is just one of twelve amazing kids who offer honest and poignant accounts of their experiences with their parents’ separation. Bruno labels Split as “a film for kids of divorce (and their parents).”

Parents know that their divorce will drastically alter their children’s lives, and often wonder how to have conversations about the transition in a way that is both authentic and helpful. Thankfully, this film can help start those discussions.

The 30-minute documentary presents divorce entirely through kids’ eyes and words. Equal parts vulnerable and strong, the twelve children featured in the film candidly discuss how each stage of their parents’ separation affected them.

If you are a parent going through a separation or divorce, this film can offer you valuable glimpses into the kinds of fears and concerns your children may experience, and show you how you might begin a supportive and reassuring dialogue with them.

Children can also gain a lot from watching the film themselves. Seeing the strength exhibited by twelve of their peers can encourage your kids to know that they can emerge from this family transformation feeling loved, secure, and stable in their new realities and routines.

To find out more, watch the film’s trailer here.

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