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Separation agreement paves path to well-structured divorce

By Jennifer Brown, Senior Editor Couples might be tempted to skip the separation agreement when they split, but it is an essential first step […]

Separation agreement not the final word on spousal support

By Staff A separation agreement is not always the final word on spousal support, says St. Catharines family lawyer and mediator Sharon Silbert. In a […]

Negotiating ‘grey’ divorce comes with unique challenges

By Tony Poland, Associate Editor The collaborative process can be effective when it comes to negotiating a “grey” divorce, says St. Catharines family lawyer […]

Decision underlines importance of financial disclosure

By Staff A recent Superior Court judgment shows the risk of discounting financial disclosure during a split, says St. Catharines family lawyer and mediator Sharon […]

Scorched-earth approach to family litigation backfires

By Staff Two recent massive costs awards are a reminder of the risks of a “scorched-earth” approach to family litigation, says St. Catharines family […]

Case affirms confidentiality – even without specific clause

By Mia Clarke, Associate Editor A recent Superior Court of Justice case reinforces the importance of confidentiality in mediated settlements, St. Catharines family lawyer Sharon […]

Judge reinforces importance of confidentiality in mediation

By Staff A recent Ontario Superior Court decision underscores the importance of confidentiality for mediation matters, St. Catharines family lawyer and mediator Sharon Silbert tells In […]

Collaborative approach effective in high-stakes divorces: Silbert

By Staff There is an alternative to an acrimonious divorce for high-net-worth individuals or people with businesses, St. Catharines family lawyer Sharon Silbert tells Silbert, principal […]

How divorce impacts permanent resident claims

By Staff Separation and divorce for residents who aren’t Canadian citizens doesn’t necessarily mean they will lose their status or be forced to leave […]

Assigning monetary value to embryo may conflict with AHRA’s intent

By Kirsten McMahon, Associate Editor A case involving a divorced couple fighting over the fate of an embryo highlights the tension between provisions in the Assisted […]