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My practice is focused exclusively on family law because I believe that concentrating on a single area of practice assists in developing and maintaining the kind of in-depth and up-to-date understanding of the issues faced by my clients that is required to meet their needs.

Below please find an overview of some common legal issues faced by families in transition. Please note that this is general information only, and should not be used as a substitute for legal advice.

Family Dispute Resolution

Child Support

In Ontario, all parents are responsible for financially supporting their dependent children, and this obligation may be met through the payment of child support.

Parenting Issues

When parents do not live together, it is important to have a plan in place that sets out how they will co-operate to care for their children.

Property Division

The law in Ontario treats marriage as an economic partnership, and when a married couple separates, each spouse is entitled to share in the value of the property accumulated during the relationship.

Separation and Divorce

A couple is separated when they live separate and apart and there is no reasonable chance of reconciliation. After separation, one or both spouses may wish to apply for a divorce.

Spousal Support

When a relationship ends, spouses (whether married or “common-law”) may have a responsibility to continue to support each other financially.

Family Building

Adoption and Fertility Law

Families are built and grown in many different ways, including adoption and assisted reproductive technologies, both of which have legal considerations.

Cohabitation Agreements

A cohabitation agreement is similar to a marriage contract, but applies to couples who live together without getting married.

Marriage Contracts

A marriage contract is a legally binding agreement that can set out exactly how you and your spouse will handle some of the legal issues that might arise if the marriage ends.


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