What’s a Disbursement?

Disbursements are expenses incurred by the firm for out-of-pocket expenses that you would be responsible for paying if you handled the matter for yourself. Because we pay these expenses for you, we will ask you to reimburse us by including these items in your account.
Disbursements may include the following:

+ court filing fees,
+ process server fees (to serve documents or file materials with the court),
+ courier charges,
+ travel expenses to attend settlement meetings off-site, including parking and/or mileage,
+ fees charged by third parties retained to perform services on your behalf (e.g. pension valuations, real estate appraisals, business valuations, income tax experts, etc.), and
+ any other charges incurred by this firm on your behalf.

Unlike some lawyers, I do not charge clients for routine photocopies, fax transmissions, software use, or long distance phone calls, as I believe those expenses should be considered part of the cost of doing business.

Photocopying of large documents (over 50 pages) is charged at $0.15 per page.