How University of Toronto Alumni and Students are Changing Family Law

Sharon Silbert was recently featured in an article in the University of Toronto Faculty of Law‘s Nexus Magazine about the ways in which the practice of family law is evolving. She was described as a specialist in consensual dispute resolution (CDR), and among other things was quoted on some of the positive aspects of greater client participation in family law, saying:

“I question the assumption that a third party, such as a judge or even a client’s own lawyer, is going to be in a better position than clients to say what’s best for them. Clients are the ones whose lives are being turned upside down; they’re going to have to live with the outcome. So doesn’t it make sense that they take more of an active role in determining what that outcome is?”

The full article can be read on the Nexus website here, or as part of a PDF of the entire issue of the magazine, here.

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