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How University of Toronto Alumni and Students are Changing Family Law

Sharon Silbert was recently featured in an article in the University of Toronto Faculty of Law‘s Nexus Magazine about the ways in which the practice […]

New Legal Aid Initiatives Support Out-of-Court Settlement of Family Law Disputes

Legal Aid Ontario recently announced the launch of two new programs aimed at broadening the supports available to low-income Ontarians who wish to resolve their family […]

Lessons from Sesame Street for Parenting through Divorce

The Sesame Street website contains a toolkit called “Little People, Big Challenges: Divorce”, to help parents, children and extended family understand and cope with the […]

What to Tell the Kids

One of the biggest concerns for parents who have decided to separate is how to let their children know about the change to their family […]

Family Mediation Myths

If you are considering using mediation to help you resolve the issues related to your separation, you may have encountered some of the following misconceptions […]

Learning the Language of the Law

If you are going through a separation or divorce, you will likely find yourself on the receiving end of lots of new information about family […]

What to Do with the House

Deciding what to do with the house they own together is often one of the most difficult issues faced by a separating couple. There are […]

Keeping Legal Costs Down

The separation process, which usually involves transitioning from a single household with shared expenses to two separate households, is a difficult one for most people […]